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We have a dedicated team of tax advisors who specialise in assisting individuals with intricate personal tax matters. Our extensive expertise covers a wide range of personal tax areas, such as property tax, inheritance tax, capital gains tax and issues related to residency and domicile status.

Personal tax planning

Our team of tax planning experts provides assistance to individuals, in reducing their tax liability by taking advantage of beneficial tax incentives, and effectively managing succession plans.

Through thorough examination of various tax avenues, we guarantee that you pay the appropriate amount of tax while also maximising your savings. As your circumstances evolve, our knowledgeable tax professionals strive to ensure that you maintain tax efficiency in your personal affairs, as well as in matters concerning the assets you pass on to your beneficiaries.

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Inheritance tax/succession planning

We assist you in passing your wealth to the next generation in the most tax efficient manner.

Our inheritance tax specialists can assess your exposure to inheritance tax after reviewing your finances and family circumstances. They can assist in structuring your estate to reduce the IHT exposure.

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Capital gains tax planning

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is a tax imposed on the profit or gain realised from the sale of an asset. If your gains for the tax year fall below your annual exempt allowance, you are not required to pay CGT.

Our team of specialised advisors in Capital Gains Tax can assist you in exploring numerous strategies to minimise your CGT liability and assist in meeting your tax filing obligations.

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Residence and domicile status

Understanding your tax residency status and legal domicile is crucial when it comes to safeguarding personal wealth and can greatly impact your tax planning, trust management, and succession planning efforts. These factors also determine your responsibilities for compliance and reporting, both domestically and internationally, often leading to intricate overlaps between different jurisdictions.

Whether you aim to minimise your tax obligations, invest in overseas assets or businesses, plan a relocation abroad, or simply ensure compliance with HMRC reporting requirements, our team will collaborate with you to devise the most suitable approach and ensure adherence to regulatory standards in the UK.

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Tax Investigation/ Disclosures

Receiving an investigation or payment demand notice from HMRC can be a daunting experience as it can take months or even years to close the enquiry.

Our tax investigation team at dns have successfully helped many clients resolve their tax issues with HMRC by closing the enquiries. We assess your case, provide expert advice and guidance, manage all communications with HMRC and reach the best possible outcome for you.

We can further help with the voluntary disclosure facility by assessing if it is right for you and guiding you through the process to make sure you do it properly and avoid paying any more than you have to.

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