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Tax investigation is known as When HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) decides to look more closely at your company's finances to ensure that it is paying the correct amount of tax both currently and historically.

It's a legal process you must comply with, but it does not indicate you've done anything illegal. If you have a professional tax advisor and rigorous tax procedures in place, conducting a tax investigation should be relatively easy and quick. When it comes to HMRC enquiries or detailed investigations, we can offer both individuals and companies thorough guidance. Our service is customised to meet your needs, so we may reduce the stress you experience.

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How we help you?

Our tax investigation advisors at dnstax are experts in handling a variety of tax-related enquiries. These consist of enquiries and investigations from HM Revenue and Customs. Our background ranges from simpler enquiries to complicated, significant investigations.

By resolving the enquiries, our tax investigation team at dnstax succeeded in assisting many clients in resolving their tax-related issues with HMRC. We evaluate your situation, offer expert advice and direction, handle all correspondence with HMRC, and work to get the best result for you. To ensure that you complete the voluntary disclosure facility correctly and don't pay more than essential, we can also help by determining whether it's the best option for you and by walking you through the steps.If you need comprehensive advice, check out our UK Tax Investigation Service.

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How we work


Checking your UK tax status

We'll review if any abroad income or gains need to be declared while we review and validate your UK tax position.


Minimising tax exposure and Penalties

To minimise tax, interest, and penalties, we will submit any disclosure that is required under the Worldwide Disclosure Facility or Let Property Campaign.


Mitigating enquiry risks

We take proactive steps to reduce any enquiries and reduce fines, both financial and non-financial penalties.


Flexible payment solutions

If necessary, we will work with you to create a reasonable time-to-pay plan that takes into account your unique needs and situation.

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Benefits of working with us

UK Tax Advice

Cost-free HMRC assistance

With tax investigation tax, you may save money by allowing your advisor to handle HMRC visits or inquiries at no additional expense.
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Affordable defense coverage

Make use of your coverage to avoid paying outrageous fees for expert services obtained during an investigation and to offset legal costs.
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Protection against high tax demands

A monthly protection charge will help you contest HMRC claims and ensure you have the financial resources to pay for legal costs, protecting you against large tax demands.
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Legal support anytime

A company legal helpline that works 24/7 is a feature of many plans, offering assistance whenever needed.
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At dnstax, we take pleasure in offering customised, focused-on-outcomesTax investigation services that enable companies to succeed in the current competitive market.

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Frequently asked questions

An official investigation into your past tax payment records is called a tax investigation. HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is responsible for conducting tax investigations in the UK, and the level of rigor of these investigations varies according to the circumstances of each case. There are numerous justifications for conducting tax investigations and enquiries, such as:

after filing taxes; due to an error or misinterpretation;

conflicting information obtained from a whistleblower or another source;

a haphazard examination;

or because some information is inaccurate.

HMRC will not notify you while it is investigating your affairs, but if it chooses to do a formal investigation, one of its divisions may write to you requesting further details. Typically, these begin with a narrow focus, like a local compliance audit requesting additional details about your most recent tax return or information about a property transaction. However, if problems arise, it is not unusual for these enquiries to be expanded.

The depth of the HMRC's enquiry truly varies and is dependent upon the particular facts of each case. Under some conditions, HMRC may need to retrieve records and information dating back up to 20 years. There can be less favorable conditions there.

This can be costly and time-consuming, and it can also cause a lot of practical issues for many people, depending on how far back the HMRC investigates. Therefore, to prevent unpleasant estimated assessments, it's critical to understand how to solve problems using the HMRC.

To put it simply, the amount of tax due is determined by whether or not taxes were underpaid. If so, HMRC will require payment. But a tax investigation is rarely as simple as HMRC initially thinks. There will frequently be differences in the facts, occasionally technical tax problems, and frequently we will find additional concerns that will reduce the amount of tax due.Find out our Tax Investigation Service in UK for all-encompassing support.

Large amounts of bank statements, financial information, and other papers may need to be carefully examined in certain situations. A knowledgeable tax attorney may be necessary to help you gather, compile, analyse, and present information. Alternatively, if the investigation is extremely focused, the amount of papers may occasionally be limited.

The length of a tax investigation is dependent upon the scope of HMRC's enquiry and the amount of documentation involved. It can require several months or possibly a year. HMRC may ask for further information to postpone your tax investigation. However, an experienced tax lawyer may reduce the duration of a tax investigation in several ways, depending on the specifics of the case. For expert support, explore our UK Tax Investigation Service.