R & D tax relief service in the UK

Research & Development tax relief is known as a government incentive.it is designed to support UK firms by encouraging and rewarding innovation. Regardless of size, all businesses that conduct research and development can apply for R&D tax reliefs. However, businesses must be completely informed of the requirements for them to file a claim successfully. dnstax will maximise your chances of success by guiding you through the claims procedure from beginning to end as they are experts in this area.

For many organisations, especially those in the early stages of development, R&D Tax Relief Service in the UK are a crucial component of their business and give them a competitive advantage. Even while these releases include some financial risk, they provide expert advisor if results differ from original projections, providing stability for innovative projects.

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How dns tax help you?

R&D Tax Relief Service in UK offer considerable tax savings that many UK companies often ignore, potentially resulting in large corporate tax bill reductions. Businesses can be eligible for R&D tax relief from HMRC if it is creating new products or improving current ones or processes.

In case your company is investing funds in research and development, you can be qualified to receive R&D tax relief. dnstax continues to provide tax advisory and comprehensive tax solutions services in addition to its R&D program. Together with our routine tax service, we can handle all of your company's tax requirements and help with the R&D claim.

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How to claim your R&D Tax relief


Get in touch

Finding out a little bit about your company will help us determine how we can best assist you. We will notify you if we believe we are unable to assist in any way.


we work together

We outline the services we can provide, when they will be provided, and the associated costs. Everything is open and clear. We hope the amount you can successfully claim will be the only surprise.


Know your business

We arrange initial meetings to introduce you to your technical team. They will work with you for a while to identify the locations we know where to look where a claim may be made.


Put best claim together

Using the information we have about you, our tax specialists and we will put everything together. We are aware of the requirements set by HMRC and what makes a valid claim.


Your report

To support the claim, additional information could be required. You will receive the report for approval, which will reveal the scope of the claim. We have permission to claim on your behalf to HMRC.


Dealing with HMRC

Naturally, we will take care of any additional inquiries HMRC may have for you. After you file a claim, you will often receive your reward as a cheque or a tax allowance within a month.

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Benefits of working with us

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R&D tax reliefs for all industries!

R&D Tax Relief can help your organisation enjoy the financial benefits of its innovative efforts. To prepare and optimise your claim, work with an experienced R&D specialist to maximise your benefits.
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Wide range of expenses

Buying new processes or services entitles a company to several expenditure claims. Payment is based on how much the business spends on internal innovation.
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No minimum required

There is no longer a minimum requirement, so businesses of all sizes can take advantage of this opportunity. They have to be limited companies to have made the required qualifying expenditure in R&D.
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Claiming losses

Make the most of SME R&D Tax exemption by applying during a period of financial loss. This is an essential resource for small and medium-sized businesses that are having difficulty during difficult times.
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At dnstax, we take pleasure in offering customised, focused-on-outcomes R&D Tax Relief Service that enable companies to succeed in the current competitive market. Get in touch with us right now to find out how our group can help your business grow and prosper.

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Frequently asked questions

For taxation purposes, a business is considered to be engaged in research and development (R&D) when it launches a project aimed at achieving an advance in general knowledge or competence in a scientific or technological sector. Through the R&D system, the company can lower its corporate tax liability, gain a tax return on taxes previously paid, or, if it is losing money, qualify for tax relief by showing that it has spent money on qualifying R&D.

No, the business can be losing money. Following utilisation (i.e., not carried over for future tax reduction), the company is refunded funds for research and development (R&D) and does not have to pay corporation tax.

When a project aims to increase overall knowledge or capability in a scientific or technological subject, it is considered research and development (R&D) for tax purposes. You may deduct specific project expenses from your permitted expenses for tax purposes, such as

Employment expenses for the business including pay, bonuses, some reimbursed expenses, and employers Employers' contributions to pension funds and Class 1 National Insurance Subcontractor expenses (if you are filing a claim through the RDEC program, specific limitations apply)

Workers Provided Externally (EPWs)

Software (costs of revenue)

consumables, such as supplies and utilities like heat and light

clinical examinations volunteers in the pharmaceutical sector