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We advice Individuals, Landlords, Companies, Solicitors, Non-residents and other professionals.


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SDLT services
  • Claim back additional 3% SDLT surcharge paid to HMRC
  • Multiple Dwellings Relief (MDR)
  • Reducing SDLT for property developers and builders
  • Transfer of property on liquidation of companies
  • Advising non-resident individuals and companies
  • SDLT on 'mixed use' properties
  • Transfers Involving divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership
  • HMRC enquiries/investigations
  • Claim derelict property
  • Transfer of equity
SDLT is often the most misunderstood tax

SDLT is often the most misunderstood levy due to the complexity it entails, it was reported in “As many as one in six property transactions could be being calculated incorrectly by solicitors - potentially at a cost of £2 billion - because the stamp duty system has become too complicated, and lawyers are often inadvertently given the wrong information about properties”.

In total, there are 49 different reliefs, exceptions and exemptions which apply to SDLT. Our team of SDLT experts are here to help you accurately determine the impact of SDLT on the purchase of land or property. They will also help you identify potential ways to reduce the exposure of SDLT and help you claim refund when it is applicable.

In some cases, our clients and professionals come to us to seek second opinion to determine if the right of amount of SDLT has been calculated per the statute and assist with the reclaim process due to the risk of HMRC enquiry is high in this area.

Our SDLT experts can also assist you in dealing with HMRC enquiries and investigations.

Case studies

Example 1 - Property development company saved £29k on stamp duty

A property development company bought a house for £900k with planning permission to convert it into residential flats and paid £62k in SDLT. We advised that multiple dwelling relief should be available and refiled with HMRC who confirmed the same and refunded £29k

Example 2 - Save £10k on stamp duty on home purchase

Mr and Mrs Andrews had purchased their main residence for £750k. They were advised to pay £27k in SDLT. After the analysis it was determined that there was an annexe in the property. We were successful in obtaining a refund of £10k

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